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If you would like to JOIN one of our existing teams, you can register yourself with the Thursday Summer Individual Registration and put yourself on the WAITING LIST.  This is where team Captains will know that you are interested in joining a team.



Even better: Why not join our SUB LIST, that way Captains can contact you if they are short a player one evening.  Even if you want to join the WAITING LIST, you should also join the SUB LIST – it is a great way to get some games in and for the Captains to get to know who you are.

WHY JOIN THE SUB LIST?  – I’ll tell you!  A:It only costs 15 bucks.  B:You can play games at your discretion – don’t agree to play if you are busy or you don’t feel like playing that week.  C:You can get to know lots of members of the league because you can get to play with different teams.  D: Everyone in our league plays on Thursday nights, so there is nowhere other than the SUB LIST for Captains to find subs, so the SUB LIST is used every week.  Please Note: Captains can approach anyone from the SUB LIST, there is no guarantee you will get called.

If you want to join the SUB LIST, here’s how and keep the following in mind:

  1. You must have a MissUC Membership ($15).  Only members are allowed to play in MissUC games.
  2. You want to make sure Captains can contact you and to invite you to play, so when filling out your Personal Profile, make sure you indicate that your contact information is “public”, not “private”.  If you wish to keep your contact information private, you will have to reach out to the Captains on your own and let them know your contact information.  In addition, please try to complete your skill level and the type of player you are (handler, cutter, striker) – that also helps Captains to know if you are the appropriate replacement for the person that is missing.
  3. Once you have your membership established, go to the list of teams playing in the Summer Thursday Outdoor league, click on the “more” button next to the “Thursday Summer SUB Options” team, and select the “Join Team” option.  Or try using this link :  JOIN SUB ROSTER HERE

OR send us an email at if you have difficulty and we’ll get you set up.