Rain Policy

Organizers and players of the Mississauga Ultimate respect each other, our neighbours and the facilities we are privileged to play on.

The facilities that we play are have specific rules with respect to when they can be used.  It is the responsibilities of the Captains and all players to respect those rules.

Unfortunately conditions of the fields, due to weather, is something that can not be controlled.  MissUC can not offer refunds for any games that are cancelled due to weather.  We will do our best to reschedule missed games.

Please review the rules below with respect to when it is not permissible to play:

MissUC organizers, Team Captains and City of Mississauga Recreation and Parks staff will use the following criteria to determine if a sports field is deemed to be unplayable:
• Visual puddles of water on the surface of the field, or
• Water sponging up around your feet when you walk on the field.
Captains are responsible for calling the game unplayable if there is lightning or if he/she deems the sports field unsafe for play.
• City of Mississauga staff reserves the right to close the field for any type of event that is occurring on a sports field.


If a field is deemed unplayable, do not play on it.