While MissUC is still very much a new, grass roots organization, we have experienced some growth despite the difficult past two years.  We are optimistic about growing even more in the years to come as we become a league that truly provides an ultimate experience for any and all ultimate enthusiasts, regardless of age or ability.


As we expand we find ourselves with the opportunity, and sometimes the need, for volunteers to make the league reach its fullest potential.  

Described below are some of the current or potential future opportunities we have for volunteers and we hope that you will consider reaching out to us to let us know if and how you might be interested in volunteering.  We really do want any volunteers to be rewarded for their efforts, and in more ways than simply the satisfaction of volunteering.  Some of our opportunities are a great opportunity for high school students to earn volunteer hours.  In some cases, MissUC will offer MissUC bucks – which is credit on your MissUC account that can be used towards future MissUC programs.



Our clinics for kids are run by experienced ultimate coaches, but the experience is made even more enjoyable for the kids with volunteers to help run the clinics:

Ideal volunteers : Parents of kids in the clinic programs;  high school ultimate players looking for volunteer hours.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email the league here.



A new initiative this year, the U19 Development League will place two adult, experienced, ultimate mentors on each team (one open player, one woman) to serve as leaders, mentors and players.  The volunteer “mentors” will get to play on Wednesdays for free.

Ideal volunteers : Ultimate playing parents of teens in the league; experienced adult ultimate players wanting to mentor high school aged kids as they develop their ultimate skills.  If you are interested in Mentoring, please email the league here.



Communicating with our existing members as well as reaching potential members is something MissUC could always improve upon.  WordPress is the foundation of our web site.  We are keen to be followed on various relevant social media platforms.  Help in these areas would be appreciated.

Ideal volunteers : tech savvy high schoolers looking for volunteer hours; tech savvy members looking for MissUC Bucks; talented tech newbies looking for resume experience.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email the league here.



There are occasions when we need logos or posters or web graphics designed.

Ideal volunteers:  graphic designers looking for work to add to their portfolio; members with graphic design expertise looking for MissUC Bucks.



YUM is contemplating hosting a youth tournament in June of 2024.  Volunteers will be a big component of the success of this tournament.

Ideal volunteers:  anyone who is friendly; especially high school kids looking for volunteer hours.  


ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR Mississauga Ultimate Club Inc.

In return for MissUC Bucks, perhaps there is a member that could assist with the planning and submitting of Corporate filings in 2024 for the fiscal year 2023.