Mississauga Ultimate Club Discipline Policy

In order to deal fairly and transparently with incidents of poor spirit, overly aggressive play and other problems, this discipline policy has been developed for MissUC league teams and players. The overriding objectives are to maintain a fun & safe atmosphere at all games and to maintain good relationships with our field providers and the public. Participation in a MissUC league or tournament signifies acceptance of this policy. This policy complements the “Code of Conduct” and applies whenever you are representing MissUC, which means the whole time you are at the playing field — before, during & after your game.

There are several guiding principles. First, when discipline is warranted, the actions undertaken must be objective, noticeable & timely. This means that incidents will be investigated & resolved as quickly as possible and if sanctions are applied, they will be available to everyone concerned. Second, teams are collectively responsible for the actions of their members and, if warranted, sanctions will generally be applied to the whole team. This means that each team captain should choose his/her teammates with care and ensure that all are aware of the “Code of Conduct”. Repeat offenders will be dealt with more harshly than first time offenders given their full awareness and understanding of the implications. Third, very serious incidents, as specified below, will result in immediate expulsion.

Captain’s Responsibilities

  1. Team captains must:
  • bring the captain’s handbook to each league game
  • know the rules of Ultimate and bring the rulebook to each game
  • understand the MissUC policies outlined here and ensure that their teammates are aware of them
  • meet with the opposing captain before each game to clarify rules (captain’s clause) and other issues which may become problems
  • take action immediately to defuse the situation upon becoming aware that tensions are rising
  • in their absence, appoint a Co-Captain to administer the above responsibilities
  1. It is the responsibility of team captains to report incidents of poor spirit and dangerous play to their league convenor (tournament director) as soon as possible using the on-line “Incident Report” (in-person). Unreported problems will not be investigated or resolved.

Poor Spirit & Dangerous Play

  1. Offensive and/or unsportsmanlike conduct, (e.g. taunting, name calling, swearing, issuing threats) will not be tolerated. Overly aggressive and/or rough play (e.g. intimidation, charging into stationary players, repeated fouls) will not be tolerated either. If reports of such behaviour are received and found to be valid, the following steps will be taken:
  • First report– player and/or team receives a formal written (or email) warning
  • Second report– player and team receive a second warning and the game in which the incident occurred is forfeited
  • Third report– player and/or team is suspended from MissUC league(s) and event(s), per the discretion of the Executive Director. Player and/or team can also be expelled from MissUC by a special meeting of the general membership, as called by the Board of Directors. The names of players and teams expelled will be listed on the MissUC website.

Note: Multiple reports are a guideline indicating MissUC’s assumption that players can be offered the opportunity to improve their fair play.  However, the Mississauga Ultimate Club reserves the right to suspend or expel a player or team from the Club (league) without prior reports, warnings and without a refund.

  1. Anyone who throws a punch or is involved in a fight, whether as instigator or in retaliation, will be suspended from the Club (league) immediately without refund and considered for expulsion. Additional sanctions may be applied to the instigator’s team.
  2. Dangerous Play may also include the playing of a game with an exposed and bleeding wound. Failure to leave the field and properly bandage the wound before returning is considered dangerous play. Furthermore continued play after a serious injury (i.e. large cuts, shortness of breath, heavy blow to the head) with the expressed concern of teammates and opponents, is also considered dangerous play.

Public Conduct

  1. Any team or player(s) involved in an incident, which jeopardizes or results in the loss of MissUC field permits or partnerships, will be suspended from the Club (league) without refund and considered for expulsion. Such incidents may involve complaints by the public in regards to improperly parked cars, excessive noise, drinking alcohol, loose dogs, rudeness, and urinating in public.
  2. The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs is NOT allowed at the fields, whether before, during or after a game. Any team involved in such an incident will be suspended from the Club (league). Repeated incidences will be considered for expulsion.
  3. Be considerate of the playing field. For your team’s safety, pick up all trash before the game, especially shredded cans, broken bottles & sticks. Before leaving, make sure that both teams have cleaned up their sidelines and “stooped & scooped” (if appropriate).
  4. Teams which play on an unauthorized field will be suspended for one game on the first offence and expelled from the league on the second offence. Regardless of whether or not MissUC has obtained a field permit, you are playing on an unauthorized field if:
  • the ground is so soft/soggy that playing will ruin the field; or
  • the league convenor has officially cancelled the game in accordance with the rain policy; or
  • the property owner has prohibited MissUC from using the field or green space.

League Issues

  1. Default: Teams that default twice in a season without reasonable notice will be suspended from the league without refund. To avoid a default, it is merely necessary to notify the opposing captain in advance that you cannot field a full team for the game and ask to reschedule it at a later time.

Definition of Terms

  1. Suspension: a player or team that is suspended will not be eligible to participate in any MissUC leagues, events, or programs for a period of time as defined by the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. Should the time period extend to the end of the membership year the suspended player or team must seek Club approval to renew their membership.
  2. Expulsion: a player or team that is expelled is no longer eligible to participate in any MissUC leagues, events, or programs.