How To Register For Youth Ultimate Mississauga


Any person under 14 years of age that is to be registered for Youth Ultimate Mississauga “YUM”, must first have a profile with Mississauga Ultimate Club (MissUC).

If their parent is not a member (or has no profile) with MissUC, then the young person can establish their own independent profile.  But please note that any person under 18 years of age must complete a parent/guardian consent form before they can participate in any events, including the YUM program.


If their parent is a member (or has a profile) with MissUC, then the process is easier.  For starters, the parent should ensure that their “Profile” has been updated to indicate that they are a Parent/Guardian.  Once that is the case, the member/parent has the option, under “My Profile”, to “Add New Child” to their profile.  This enables the parent to monitor and control the child’s membership.


Once the parent has their child/children incorporated into the system, they can access each child’s profile under their own “Dashboard”, by selecting the particular child’s tab.  It is through this method that the parent should now be able to access events, including registration to the YUM program.


For 2023, a number of YUM programs are currently available for registration.  To complete registration for either of these programs, a number of waivers will have to be digitally signed.  The system will indicate which waivers must be signed and you can link to those waivers by clicking on their title.


If you have any questions or difficulty completing the profiles or registrations, please feel free to contact Trevor Baker at 416-898-5004 for assistance.