Responsible Adult Form


The purpose of this form is for a parent/legal guardian to acknowledge the supervision of a Junior aged player by a Responsible Adult, and the acknowledgement of the same Responsible Adult to accept this responsibility, for the Junior aged player to participate in a MissUC league or event that is of an adult content. There is no MissUC appointed supervision for adult leagues or events and there are no referees or convenors on site.  Any Junior player who participates in MissUC leagues or events, as well as their parent/legal guardian, must acknowledge this fact and waive MissUC from responsibility associated with MissUC leagues or events.  It is the duty of the parent/legal guardian to ensure that if their Junior player is participating in MissUC adult leagues or events that they are under the supervision of a Responsible Adult, as defined below.

 Definition of a Responsible Adult

  • A ‘Responsible Adult’ is a person aged 21 years of age or older, endorsed by the Junior participant’s legal guardian, who supervises the Junior participant. It is their duty to ensure that the Junior participant is safe and protected from any environment that is physically or emotionally inappropriate.  This responsibility includes full supervision of the Junior throughout the course of his/her participation in the TUC league/event, and possibly removing the Junior from any inappropriate situation.
  • A ‘Responsible Adult’ is declared to the league convenor or tournament/event director, via submission of the Responsible Adult Permission Form from the parent or legal guardian, prior to the start of the league/event. For league, the Junior and Responsible Adult should be declared to the opposing captain prior to the start of the game.
  • Responsible Adult can be responsible for more than one Junior participant. MissUC reserves the right to limit the number of Junior participants per Responsible Adult.
  • By signing this form, I/we acknowledge having read, fully understood and agreed to the contents of this form, as well as the MissUC Code of Conduct. I understand that MissUC adult leagues and events are unsupervised, not refereed, and not otherwise overseen.  I further understand that adult leagues and events can include potential physical contact or language and behaviour of an adult content, for which the Mississauga Ultimate Club cannot be responsible.