Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This policy identifies refunds that may be requested with respect to membership, league fees, and events fees. Refund requests should be directed to Refunds are granted under the following conditions:

  • All refunds less than $50.00 will be charged a minimum $5.00 administration fee
  • If a member (individual registration) decides to quit after playing less than 25% of their games, a refund will be granted, less a 10% administration fee or minimum $5.00 administration fee
  • If a team (league team registration) decides to quit before the season begins a refund will be granted, less a 10% administration fee or minimum $5.00 administration fee, provided that the cancellation occurs more than five business days prior to the start date of the associated league. Team refunds are not issued once a season begins or within 5 business days of the league start date.  But don’t do it, cuz it will pooch the league if there are no teams on a waiting list.
  • If a team or member (tournament/event registration) decides to quit before a special event begins they should refer to the refund policy that is stipulated for that specific event (in the event registration details). In the absence of special event refund details the above stipulation of two business days notice will apply (to both teams and individuals), and a refund will be granted less a 10% administration fee or minimum $5.00 administration fee
  • If a member or team is incorrectly charged or charged more than once for their registration a refund will be granted for the incorrect difference
  • Pro-rated refunds can be requested in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. if a player becomes seriously injured after playing more than 25% of their games) and are at the discretion of the ED
  • Other situations may warrant a refund, at the discretion of the ED


Please note that MissUC does not issue individual player refunds for ‘team’ registrations; meaning if your captain registers a team and you pay the captain your portion of the team fee, it is between you and the captain to determine any individual refunds for the team contribution, not MissUC.

Insufficient Funds (NSF) – Refused Credit Cards

$15 surcharge will be added when a payment cheque cannot be cashed due to insufficient funds or when a manual credit card transaction slip is refused. (Note: the on-line payments system validates credit cards in real time. There is no surcharge if an on-line transaction is refused.)



Mississauga Ultimate Club is very concerned about ensuring the health and safety of our members, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We recognize that this is an exceptional time for amateur team sports.  MissUC wants to encourage anyone that feels that they should stay home, to do so.  Therefor we have developed the following policy:

If a member decides to stay home and miss a game due to any COVID related reason, MissUC will grant a credit to their account for the game missed.  The amount of the credit will depend on the league.

The member need not articulate the specific reason for missing the game, but they do need to let the league know “I missed a game for COVID related reasons”.

The following are examples of acceptable COVID related reasons for missing a game:

  • “My daughter’s friend tested positive, our family has gone for tests but we don’t have the results yet”
  • “I developed a chest cough”
  • “Our youngest child developed a fever yesterday and we are playing it safe by staying home”
  • “I heard a rumour that a player in our league may have had COVID last week, I’m nervous to play this week”
  • “My work colleague may have COVID, we are awaiting his test results”

We trust that members will not misuse this policy and claim a credit, when in fact, they were attending their best friend’s bridal shower.