Rowan’s Law – MissUC Code of Conduct

As a member of MissUC, I am committed to:

Maintaining a safe learning environment

  • I will bring any potential issues related to the safety of equipment and facilities to the attention of the General Manager.


Fair play and respect for all

  • I will show respect for my teammates, opponents, officials, spectators, and practice fair play.
  • I will not pressure injured teammates to participate in practices or games/competitions.


Teaching/learning the rules of a physical activity, including the strict enforcement of consequences for prohibited play that is considered high-risk for causing concussions

  • I will learn and follow the rules of the sport and follow the league’s guidelines prohibiting behaviours that are considered high-risk for causing concussions.
  • I will respect and accept the decisions of the league officials and the consequences for any behaviours that are considered high-risk for causing concussion.


Concussion recognition and reporting

  • I have read and am familiar with an approved Concussion Awareness Resources provided by the league.
  • I will remove myself immediately from any sport if I think I might have a concussion.
    • I am aware that when I have signs or symptoms I should go to a medical doctor or nurse practitioner to be diagnosis as soon as reasonably possible that day,
    • I am aware that not all signs and symptoms emerge immediately and there are times when signs and symptoms emerge hours or days after the incident and I must stop physical activities and be monitored for the next 24 hours.

Acknowledging the importance of communication between the student, parent, school staff, and any sport organization with which the student has registered

Supporting the implementation of a Return to Sports Plan for athletes with a concussion diagnosis

  • I understand that I should follow the Return to Sports Plan if diagnosed with a concussion.