Insurance Coverage

Ontario Ultimate is pleased to offer, in conjunction with BFL CANADA Risk and Insurance Services Inc., the following player and director’s indemnity insurance.

Players Insurance

$2.00/player (includes HST) [note, paid Members of the Mississauga Ultimate Club, receive the insurance coverage as outlined below:

Commercial General Liability

$5,000,000 per Occurrence – Bodily Injury and Property Damage

$5,000,000 General Aggregate

$5,000,000 Products-Completed Operations Aggregate

$5,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury

$500,000 Tenant’s Legal Liability $2,500/$25,000 Medical Payment – per person/per accident

$2,000,000 Non-Owned Automobile {SPF 6) Included Contractual Liability Endorsement (SEF 96)

$25,000 Legal Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles

Deductible (s): $1,000 All Insured Losses

Includes: Injury to Participants, Incidental Malpractice,  Injury Blanket Contractual Liability Cross Liability / Severability of Interests

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Limits: $10,000 Loss of Life, Dismemberment or Loss of Sight

$20,000 Paralysis

$10,000 Permanent Total Disability

$3,000 Prosthetic Devices

$3,000 Rehabilitation Benefit $2,000 Tuition

$1,000 Special Treatment Travel

$10,000 Out of Province Medical Accident (Inside Canada)

$100 Eyeglasses/Contact Lens (resulting from injury)

$50 Emergency Transportation $5,000 Accidental Dental $2,500 Dentures / Bridgework

$500 Fracture Indemnity

$500 Babysitting

$1,000 Youth Wage Loss

$10,000 Accidental Medical Treatment Benefit

** $10,000 Repatriation Benefit

$10,000 Family Transportation

*Limits may contact additional sub-limits and limitations as per policy wording.

** Breakdown of covered treatments:

Private duty nursing by a licensed graduate nurse (R.N.), who does not ordinarily reside in the Insured Person’s home or is not a member of his/her immediate family;

transportation recommended by a legally qualified physician or surgeon, when such service is provided by a Professional Ambulance Service of the nearest approved hospital which is equipped to provide the required and recommended necessary treatment;

hospital services for which benefits are not provided by any Federal or Provincial Government Hospital Insurance Plan administered by the Province or Territory in which the Insured Person normally resides, whether paid or not;

rental of a wheelchair, iron lung and other durable equipment for therapeutic treatment, not to exceed the purchase price prevailing at the time rental became necessary;

fees of a licensed physiotherapist recommended by a legally qualified physician or surgeon, subject to a maximum reimbursement of $500.00 for any one accident during any one policy year;

drugs and medicines purchased by prescription made by a physician or surgeon;

miscellaneous expenses such as hearing aids, crutches, splints, casts, trusses and braces, but excluding replacement thereof;

chiropractor’s fees, subject to a maximum reimbursement of $500.00 for any one accident during any one policy year;