Hi.  Welcome to the Mississauga Ultimate Club (MissUC).

Ultimate is our favourite sport and we are thrilled to be bringing a new league to the great city of Mississauga.  We have great plans for the future of our league, after starting off with a simple program our first season - great ultimate on great fields with great people.  We look forward to offering ultimate programs for all ages, including children, youths, teenagers, and adults.


Click HERE to establish a profile (no commitments on your part) to let us know you are interested and we can keep you informed (you don't need to register as a member to establish a profile, but you won't be able to play any games).



MissUC is offering league play on Saturdays for all skill levels.  We are also offering a more competitive league on Mondays this fall.  There will be opportunities to sign up as teams or as individuals for these leagues starting at noon on Tuesday August 25th.



Registrations for MissUC memberships will be available at noon on Tuesday August 4th. You can link the membership registration page here.


Gui and Trevor


We would like to begin by acknowledging the land on which we gather, and which the region of Peel operates, is part of the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of The Credit.


For thousands of years, indigenous people inhabited and cared for this land.  In particular, we acknowledge the territory of the Anishinabek, Huron-Wendat, Haudenonsaunee and Ojibway-Chippewa peoples.  The land is home to the Metis, and most recently, the Territory of the Mississaugas of The Credit First Nation who are direct descendants of The Mississaugas of The Credit.


We are grateful to have the opportunity to work and play on this land, and by doing so, give our respect to its first inhabitants.


MissUC is Ready for Return To Play


Hello everybody.  Mississauga Ultimate Club is pleased to be able to offer two scheduling options this fall.  Games will be offered on Mondays starting September 21st, and Saturdays starting September 19th.

In line with most Canadian ultimate league practices, Ontario Provincial regulations and our own policy, you may NOT play in more than one league during the fall.  In other words, you may join a MissUC Monday night League, or a MissUC Saturday league, but you may not play in both.



Mississauga Ultimate Club is very concerned about ensuring the health and safety of our members, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We recognize that this is an exceptional time for amateur team sports.  MissUC wants to encourage anyone that feels that they should stay home, to do so.  Therefor we have developed the following policy:

If a member decides to stay home and miss a game due to any COVID related reason, MissUC will grant a credit to their account for the game missed.  The amount of the credit will depend on the league.

The member need not articulate the specific reason for missing the game, but they do need to let the league know “I missed a game for COVID related reasons”.

The following are examples of acceptable COVID related reasons for missing a game:

  • “My daughter’s friend tested positive, our family has gone for tests but we don’t have the results yet”
  • “I developed a chest cough”
  • “Our youngest child developed a fever yesterday and we are playing it safe by staying home”
  • “I heard a rumour that a player in our league may have had COVID last week, I’m nervous to play this week”
  • “My work colleague may have COVID, we are awaiting his test results”


Here is a list of the registrations that will be available for you to consider:


Basic MissUC Profile [no fee]

Adult Annual Membership (April 2020 – March 2021) [$15]

Junior Annual Membership (April 2020 – March 2021) [$15]




Monday’s Competitive League (September 21st to October 26th, field locations are to be determined)

Monday Fall Competitive League Team Registration [$620 for 6 weeks]

Monday Fall Competitive Individual Player Registration [$60 for 6 weeks]


Saturday’s All Levels League (September 19th to October 31st, field locations are to be determined)

Saturday League Team Registration [$710 for 7 weeks]

Saturday Individual Player Registration [$65 for 7 weeks]


We will have new COVID protocols in place and you can view them in detail here.


Live and play with spirit.


Your MissUC Family