Hi.  Welcome to the Mississauga Ultimate Club (MissUC).

Ultimate is our favourite sport and we are thrilled to be bringing a new league to the great city of Mississauga.  We have great plans for the future of our league, but we will start off with a simple program our first season - great ultimate on great fields with great people.  We are pleased to offer ultimate programs for all ages, including children, youths, teenagers, and adults.


Click HERE to establish a profile (no commitments on your part) to let us know you are interested and we can keep you informed (you don't need to register as a member to establish a profile, but you won't be able to play any games).



MissUC is offering Youth Ultimate Mississauga on Monday evenings this summer.  Ages 6 - 8 and ages 9 - 12 will experience clinics and games presented in a fun, learning environment.  Ages 13 - 15 will focus more on developing existing skills and participating in games.  There will be options for teenagers that are new to the sport.  Opportunities to sign up for these Junior programs are now available through this website.  For instructions on how to register a child for YUM, please click here.



MissUC is also offering league play on Thursdays AND Mondays this summer.  There will be opportunities to sign up as teams or as individuals for these leagues in the weeks to come.  Parents of children in the Junior program will have an opportunity to sign up as individuals for a team that will play at the same facility where the Junior Programs will be offered.



Registration in the Junior Program (YUM) will automatically include a Junior Membership in MissUC.  Please keep in mind that you will need an updated, valid MissUC membership (Regular or Junior) for 2020 in order to participate in MissUC events from April 2020 through to March 2021.  Registrations for MissUC memberships will be available in the weeks to come.


Gui and Trevor


League Update with respect to Covid-19


Hello everybody.  Mississauga Ultimate Club, like the rest of the world these days, is taking each day as it comes, but with an optimistic eye towards the future and a return to normalcy in our daily lives.  We are hopeful that we will be able to return to playing the sport we love as soon as possible this summer, but we recognize that there are many unknown factors and timelines that make predicting that return somewhat impossible at this time.  We know many of you are taking the same approach as you are looking to the months to come.


MissUC plans to proceed in the following way:  We will be offering opportunities to sign up for MissUC programs, starting Tuesday March 24th at noon.  We will not be collecting payment for those programs until we know when they will be able to start AND how much we will charge for them.  We will indicate a price for each program at the time of registration, and that price will be based on the full program being available.  Once locations and start dates are known, and it is time to “activate” the program (confirm your registration and collect your payment), we will adjust the price that you will have to pay according to how much of the season remains.  (Please note that annual membership fees are based on fixed costs that we incur so membership fees will not be subject to adjustment).  We feel this is the best way for both MissUC and you to be able to plan your summer social/physical activities in these uncertain times.


Here is a list of the registrations that will be available for you to consider:


Basic MissUC Profile [no fee]

Adult Annual Membership (April 2020 – March 2021) [$20]

Junior Annual Membership (April 2020 – March 2021) [$20]


YUM (Youth Ultimate Mississauga, ages 6 to 15) PROGRAMS

YUM 2020 Session ONLY  (July 6 – August 31) [$105 plus tax]

For helpful instructions on how to register a child for YUM, please click here.



Monday’s League (start date, field locations and pricing are to be determined)

Monday League Team Registration [$1275 for 16 weeks]

Monday Individual Player Registration [$90 for 16 weeks]

Monday YUM Parent HAT Team Registration [$90 for 16 weeks]


Thursday’s League (start date, field locations and pricing are to be determined)

Thursday League Team Registration [$1275 for 16 weeks]

Thursday Individual Player Registration [$90 for 16 weeks]


In the meantime, please continue to wash your hands, check in on your neighbours, respect the social distancing rules and recommendations, and stay healthy.


Live and play with spirit.


Your MissUC Family