Summer 2022 Playoff Rules

Playoffs will be based on Quarter Finals (August 18), Semi Finals (August 25), Finals (September 1). In the Quarter Finals, the first place team will play the 8th place team, the 2nd place team will play the 7th place team, the 3rd place team will play the 6th place team, and the 4th place team will play the 5th place team.


Spirit of the Game is always a priority.

In the spirit of SOTG, it makes sense to list rules of the league and the playoffs – as playing by the rules is exemplifying SOTG.


Teams may not (and will not be able to) add players to their Team Roster after Wednesday August 3rd.


This league was formed (and teams assembled) with the intention of playing with equal gender efforts on the fields and teams of 7 on the field.


Unless Captains mutually agree otherwise before a game starts, games will be played 7 v 7.

Unless Captains mutually agree otherwise before a game starts, teams can have the option of putting 4 Open players or 4 Women on the line* on occasion.       If Captains agree to limit the number of a gender on the line at the beginning of the game before the game starts, that agreement can not be changed once the game is underway, unless both Captains mutually agree. (ie, after agreeing to limit the number of Women on the line to 3, a team can not decide that they want the option of putting 4 women on the line after their opponents lose one of their Female identifying players due to an injury)

*During regular season play, Team “Gr8ness” is exempt from this rule. However, during playoffs this rule applies to all teams, including “Gr8ness”

Unless Captains mutually agree otherwise before a game starts, the receiving team (the team receiving the pull) can determine whether to put 4 Women or 3 Women on the line. The pulling team must match. If the pulling team can not match their opponents’ gender ratio (perhaps they do not have enough Open players, or Women players in attendance), they must play short (they can put less players on the line). **Please note, it is NOT considered “poor spirit” for a team to put more players on the line than their opponents have at the game. If anything, it is considered poor spirit for a team to not bring enough players to the game to play a full line.**



Strive to start your games by 6:45. If one team is not prepared to start playing by 7:00, the team that is prepared to play, may earn a point starting at 7:00 and an additional point at every five minute interval past that until their opponents are ready to play. (ie, Team A is ready to play at 6:48 but Team B is not ready to start playing until 7:14 – The game starts at 7:14 with Team A already in the lead with a score of 3 to 0). Of course, if a team does not have all of its expected players in attendance, they can still opt to start the game with less players on the line.

Games will end when a team has scored 17 points, or it is determined by the Captains that it is too dark to play safely. If darkness is approaching, Captains should determine a “Soft Cap” in advance – time at which the game ends once the point being played is scored, unless it results in a tie during playoffs, in which case, one more point will be played. A tie is acceptable in regular season. Captains should also determine a “Hard Cap” – time at which the game ends if the score is not tied. (If the disk is in the air at the moment of “Hard Cap”, the throw counts, as does the point if one results from the throw.)



A team may secure subs to replace missing players** from their roster in playoff games. Subs are expected to be of equal or lesser skill than the player they are replacing. It is considered “poor spirit” to “Sub Up” in a game, especially in a playoff game. Before a sub is secured, the recruiting Captain must get the okay from an opposing Captain to use a sub. If the situation arises where the Captains disagree on the appropriateness of a sub and an acceptable alternate can not be found, teams can turn to Gui or Trevor for a ruling on the whether the sub can play.

**Team “Gr8ness” was asked to join the league knowing they did not have enough Women for a full team. If Gr8ness wishes to secure subs to augment their roster, to ensure that they can play enough Women on the line, they may, however the Women subs they secure can not result in an increase to the overall average of the level of the Women that are on their Team Roster. (ie, if the average level of the Women on their Team Roster is 3.6, they can not secure one or multiple subs whose overall average will be above 3.6)



Note, once teams are out of the running for First Place, many of the rules that have been articulated above, might not be considered as important to those Captains involved.