Code of Conduct

  1. I will play with Spirit.

I will always play fair and abide by the rules of the game. I truly believe that all my opponents are doing likewise. Therefore, rule infractions are the result of ignorance or accident, not malice, and can be easily and quickly corrected. I understand that everyone on the playing field will have a different perspective on a play and I will defer to the player with the ‘best’ perspective when the outcome of a play is in doubt. If I disagree with a foul called against me, I will merely say “I contest” — the play is repeated and the game will go on.

  1. I will respect my teammates & opponents.

I will be on time for my game. If my team cannot make it to the field by game time, we will notify our opponent in advance. If we don’t have enough players, I will not expect the other team to match our line-up, either in number or gender ratio. I will abide by any rule changes agreed to by both captains before the game. During the game, I will always be courteous and will refrain from swearing. If I have issues with my opponents, I will let my team captain straighten them out.

I will always try to avoid physical contact with other players. I understand that “I was going for the disc” is NEVER a valid excuse for initiating contact with another player. I will never engage in dangerous play. I understand that incidents of dangerous play will be investigated and offenders will face suspension from the league. I understand that anyone involved in a fight will be expelled from the club.

  1. I will respect other users of the park.

I am the public face of the sport of Ultimate and of the Mississauga Ultimate Club (MissUC) and I will conduct myself accordingly. By my actions, both on and off the field, I will demonstrate to the public that “spirit of the game” distinguishes Ultimate from other sports.

I will be courteous to other users of the park. I will be proactive in redirecting a non-player who might cross the playing field during a game, rather than cursing or shouting at him/her after they step onto the field. I am a guest in their neighbourhood. I will not urinate in public. If I bring my dog to the game, I will maintain control of it at ALL times and will clean up after it. I will NOT allow it to run freely onto the playing field or to accost passers-by. I understand that if my actions, or those of my teammates, jeopardize MissUC’s access to field permits, my team faces suspension from the league, and perhaps even expulsion without refund.

  1. I will respect the sport of Ultimate.

I will learn the rules of Ultimate so that I can abide by them. I will always bring a rulebook to the game so that I may have a guide on how to deal with situations on the field that I have not previously encountered. I understand that the “captain’s clause” allows for variations and simplifications in the rules, but these must be agreed on prior to the start of the game. I understand that the absence of referees and the flexibility allowed by the captain’s clause does not justify “anything is acceptable” or “let’s just ignore that rule and play” behaviour. In disagreements, I will defer to a more knowledgeable player. I understand that if a situation arises where nobody knows what to do, the fairest thing to do is repeat the play.

  1. I will respect the playing field.

I understand that playing fields are a critical resource and require protection. I will not risk damage to a field by playing on it when it is wet and soft. I understand that fields are most vulnerable in spring and will stay off them until the ground is sufficiently dry. I will not litter. I will check the playing field for garbage and other hazards before my game starts. I will leave the field in better condition than when I arrived by picking up garbage left behind by others and, if necessary, filling in holes. I understand that if my actions, or those of my teammates, jeopardize MissUC’s access to field permits, my team faces suspension from the league, and perhaps even expulsion without refund.

  1. I will respect all MissUC partners and properties.

I will conduct myself accordingly when interacting with MissUC partners and properties. Partners may include facility managers and staff, park staff, pubs, restaurants, stores, service providers, delivery staff, media, promoters, and any or all personnel that associate with the Mississauga Ultimate Club. Properties include all buildings, materials, and possessions of the MissUC and its partners.

I will be courteous and polite to all MissUC partners, whether on site at a MissUC game/event, or off site at a MissUC partner establishment/event. I understand that poor behaviour on my part towards a MISSUC partner can reflect badly on the Club, and hinder the MissUC’s relationship with its partner(s). I will respect their facility and personnel at all times. I understand that if my actions, or those of my teammates, damage or jeopardize MissUC partnerships, myself and/or my team faces suspension from the league, and perhaps even expulsion without refund.

  1. I will abide by all MissUC policies.

Membership in the Mississauga Ultimate Club confers some rights and privileges, but also certain responsibilities. Actions which are disruptive to the club or which infringe upon the rights and privileges of other members will result in the withdrawal of privileges or perhaps expulsion from the club.

As a member of the Mississauga Ultimate Club, I agree to abide by all club policies. I understand that these policies are there for the benefit of all members, including myself, and address a variety of issues such as community relations, player safety, spirit of the game, and league structure & administration. I understand that violations of these policies will be investigated and disciplinary measures will be applied to my team.

In the interest of player safety, I will not play during bad weather (i.e. lightning storms, heavy rain) and will not engage in dangerous play or physical altercations. In the interest of protecting fields, I will not play on a soft or soggy field. In the interest of maintaining good community relations, I will not consume alcohol or recreational drugs at the field, nor will I urinate in public, litter, or allow my dog to run free except in off-leash areas. I will abide by all league rules, especially those concerning registration and playoff eligibility. If, after due process, I or my teammates are found in violation of one of these policies, I will accept MissUC ‘s disciplinary actions, which may include suspensions and/or expulsion from the league and/or the club.

  1. I will inform MissUC of game related problems and opportunities.

I will communicate to MissUC any problems or issues my team and I encounter so that they may be dealt with and the club improved. I understand that MissUC will only investigate and deal with problems that have been formally reported via the on-line Incident Reports or result from low reported spirit scores. I will report issues related to “spirit of the game” (e.g. dangerous play, fights, defaults). I will report field problems (e.g. holes, garbage, permit conflicts with other groups) and will advise MissUC of unused greenspace so that MissUC can expand its field inventory. I will report injuries suffered during the course of my game.

  1. I understand that Ultimate is not refereed by MissUC.

I understand that MissUC adult leagues and events are unsupervised, not refereed by any third party or any official or representative of MissUC, and not otherwise overseen. I further understand that adult leagues and events can include potential physical contact or language and behaviour of an adult content, for which the Mississauga Ultimate Club cannot be responsible for in the absence of supervision. If I am of a ‘Junior’ participant age I will ensure that my parent/legal guardian is aware of these circumstances and if required provide the necessary approval for my participation.

10.  COVID-19

I understand that Ultimate is played in proximity to other players and, in the time of health pandemics, like Covid-19, I must protect myself and others by reducing the possibility of transmitting or receiving an illness.

I will not participate in MissUC activities if I am experiencing any of the following symptoms…

  1. Fever (feeling hot to the touch, temperature of 37.8 deg. C or higher)
  2. Chills
  3. Cough that’s new or worsening (constinous, more than usual)
  4. Barking cough, making a whistling noise when you breathe (croup)
  5. Shortness of breath (out of breath, unable to breathe deeply)
  6. Sore Throat
  7. Difficulty swallowing
  8. Hoarse voice (more rough or harsh than usual)
  9. Runny nose (not related to seasonal allergies or other known causes or conditions)
  10. Lost sense of taste or smell
  11. Headache
  12. Digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain)
  13. Extreme tiredness that is unusual (fatigue, lack of energy)
  14. Falling down often
  15. Muscle Aches
  16. For young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite