End of Year 2019 Winter Indoor Ultimate League

MissUC is pleased to offer its first indoor league : “End of Year 2019 Winter Indoor”.

Games will be played under a dome at Mentor College on Sunday evenings.

The league will have 6 teams.   The league will be a 5 on 5.    It will be a co-ed league as well.

  • 5 players per team are permitted on the field – with a minimum of two of each gender.  A team can play with a minimum of 4 people, as long as there is two of each gender. Other than the gender minimums, there are no other constraints: If a team chooses to play anything other than the standard 3 male/2 female gender breakdown at anytime during play, their opponents do not have to match.

We expect to have games start at 7 pm, 8:10 pm and 9:20 pm.

Use this link to the registration page if you are currently a member.   The price of the league is $165 (essentially $146 plus tax).  We are still accepting registrations and once we are full, we will begin a waiting list.

This is a HAT league, meaning that members will sign up as individuals and be assigned to a team before the season starts.  We are offering an opportunity for two players to indicate that they wish to play with each other.   We will strive to put them both on the same team, but there are no guarantees.