Division Standings: 2024 4v4 Family Feud 2024 4v4 Family Feud

Preliminary rounds

Pool A

(0-0) A1 Blended Family (1)
(0-0) A2 Two-twos (2)
(0-0) A3 Friends of P (3)
(0-0) A4 Fast Money (4)
(0-0) A5 The Disc-Functionals (5)
(0-0) A6 Good Answer (6)
(0-0) A7 Murder of Crows (7)
Day Time Game Score Game Score Game Score
Mon 11:15AM A2vA7 A3vA6 A4vA5
11:50AM A2vA1 A7vA4 A6vA5
12:25PM A1vA3 A4vA2 A6vA7
1:00PM A4vA1 A3vA5 A2vA6
1:35PM A1vA5 A6vA4 A7vA3
2:10PM A6vA1 A5vA7 A3vA2
2:45PM A1vA7 A2vA5 A3vA4