Monday YUM Parent 2020 Individual HAT Team Registration

Parents wanting to play at a designated field at the same facility as their children who are participating in the Youth Ultimate Mississauga (YUM) program can sign up here.  We will try to create a HAT team using the individuals expressing interest in this registration which will be part of the Monday League, but will always play at the same field every week.  Once the season start date is confirmed, you will be asked to commit to paying a team fee based on $90 for a full 16-week season.  If the season is reduced, your team fee will be reduced. 


IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  You must be a parent/guardian of a child that is involved in the YUM program.  We must prioritize such members over members that simply want to play on this team.  We will turn to the Monday Summer 2020 Individual Registration list for additional players to complete the teams in this Registration category, if necessary. 

If registrations permit, we will try to assemble multiple HAT teams.  We will prioritize athletes that sign up earlier a spot on a HAT team before athletes of a similar gender that sign up later are assigned a HAT team. 

You will have an opportunity to indicate additional members that you would like to play with.  If that person reciprocates and indicates you as the  member they would like to play with, we will do our best to have you play together.  MissUC reserves the right to prioritize players in pairs if it serves to achieve required gender ratios.   [In other words, if there is a shortage of individual women signing up and a woman indicates that she wants to play with a particular male, who would otherwise be on the WAITING LIST, that male will receive priority positioning, in order to achieve the required number of women.]

There are limits to the number of men and women that can sign up for this event.  Once those limits are reached, individuals wanting to join will be asked to join a WAITING LIST. It is our plan to target 8 open and 8 women players on each HAT team.  If we get enough players on the WAITING LIST to create an additional HAT team, we will inform those members that they have a spot on a team.  So, sign up early and remain signed up, even if you are placed on the WAITING LIST.  For this special program, MissUC will excersize appropriate flexibility to accomondate the parents of children in the YUM program in order to give them an opportunity to play.

Event Type
Individuals for Leagues
Level of Play
Beginner to Advanced
Open Cap
Women Cap
Not allowed
Registration Opens
Mar 24, 2020 12:00PM
Registration Closes
Jul 1, 2020 12:00PM

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