Sunday Winter Start of Year 2022 Indoor Mentor

This is an Indoor hat team league.  We will hopefully have 8 teams. 

Starting November 29, 2021, you may register for this event and pay for this event.

This league will run on Sunday evenings, for 9 games over 10 weeks, starting January 16 (there is no game on February 20). **Due to Provincial shutdowns, the league will now start on February 6th and will run for 6 games over 7 weeks.**  The first game will start at 6 pm.  If we have 8 teams, the latest the final game will end is 10:55 pm.

In a Hat Team League, you will be assigned to a team. 


We will strive for equal gender ratios in this league, but ultimately, the gender ratio will depend heavily on registrations.

In this league, we welcome players that have some experience playing ultimate.  An understanding of the basic rules, a respect for spirit of the game, and the ability to complete a flick and a catch of the disk are expected. 


If you want to play with a particular person, you may indicate who that person is in the questionaire.  You may only indicate ONE other person that you would like to play with.  If that person indicates that they wish to play with you, then we will make every effort to make that happen, but there is no guarantee. If you indicate that you wish to play with another player, but that player is on the waiting list, then it is unlikely you will be able to play with that player. 

If, at the time of your registration, it indicates that you are on the WAITING LIST, remain there.  We will do our best to get you playing. 


Event Type
Individuals for Leagues
Level of Play
Lower Intermediate to Advanced
Open Cap
Women Cap
Not allowed
Registration Opens
Nov 29, 2021 1:05AM
Registration Closes
Feb 28, 2022 11:58PM

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